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In the Nursery, piglets need plenty of clean, fresh water to get maximum growth.  Edstrom Nipple Waterers are made to withstand harsh treatment from hogs and remain leak-free, saving you water and money.

In three different tests we found the Edstrom
Nipple saved water over the competition.

Edstrom Nipple Waterer

Based on a water cost* of $2.10 per 1000 gallons, yielding a $613.20 annual savings per year for a 1000 pig nursery house.

1000 pigs x .8/gal/hd/day    SAVED=800 gal/day 

800 gal/day x 365 days=
292,000 gallons per year

292,000 gallons per year x $2.10/1000 gallons=
$613.20 savings per year

*water cost is based upon an independent study involving electrical cost of operating pumps to deliver water to hogs and pump waste from the lagoon.