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Hog Watering Benefits Edstrom Hog Watering

  1. Edstrom Hog Nipples reduce water waste, which saves money. See real-life case studies for the Nursery, Gestation, and Finishing.

  2. Edstrom Hog Nipples provide plenty of drinking water: Edstrom Hog Nipples are designed to deliver all the water hogs need without wasting it.
  3. Edstrom Hog Nipples are extremely reliable: Because of our unique design, high quality materials and manufacturing techniques, Edstrom Hog Nipples perform trouble-free. And we back that with an unmatched 5-year warranty.

Unique Design

The patented, all stainless steel Edstrom nipple is a simple, yet rugged, design that operates without the use of troublesome springs, orifices or screens. The design uses a lever, or stem, which the pig moves by biting to release water into its mouth. When the pig removes its mouth, the lever is returned to its closed position by the elastic force of the silicone rubber diaphragm. The diaphragm can be flexed millions of times without failure; it is not subject to breakage due to corrosion or mineral buildup as are springs. A standard O-ring is used to provide a positive water seal.

Easy Installation

Edstrom nipples will work on gravity or pressure systems up to 50 psi. All waterers have a 1/2" MPT connection, and the threads are wrapped with Teflon tape at the factory. This means you can quickly install Edstrom nipples in your brackets without having to apply messy pipe thread compounds or sealants.

Variable Flow Feature

The flow rate of water discharged from Edstrom nipples can be varied by adjusting the tightness of the Retainer Screw. By tightening the Retainer Screw the water flow is reduced. This Variable Flow Feature eliminates the need for orifices and their protecting screens which easily plug and stop the flow of the water.