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In gestation crates, sows have a tendency to play with nipple waterers. Because of this, sow operations have been hesitant to use nipples. That’s where the Hanging Bracket comes in — it allows the sow to drink easily and naturally by biting on the valve and releasing water into her mouth. But if she tries to play with the waterer, the bracket swings away, preventing her from spilling and wasting water.  The nipple waterer in the Hanging Bracket saves water and reduces chances for disease transmission in the continuous open water trough.

We tested this concept in two different gestation.......

Edstrom Gestation Watering

Based on a water cost* of $2.10 per 1000 gallons, yielding a $1,111.42 annual savings per year for a 500 sow nursery house.

500 sows x 2.9/gal/hd/day    SAVED=1450 gal/day 

1450 gal/day x 365 days=
529,250 gallons per year

529,250 gallons per year x $2.10/1000 gallons=
$1,111.42 savings per year

*water cost is based upon an independent study involving electrical cost of operating pumps to deliver water to hogs and pump waste from the lagoon.