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Installing your watering system is easy. Once you have all of the components you need, grab a pair of scissors and get started!

Step 1: Cut black tubing to appropriate length for cages and push the tubing into the Tee Barbed Fittings. 

Cut Flex Tubing

Connect Barbed Tee

Step 2: Slide the barbed connection of the drinking valve through hole in the Valve Clip and squeeze clip onto the cage.

Edstrom Valve in Clip

Edstrom Valve in Cage

Step 3: Place drinking valve on the side of the cage where it will be easily accessible to your animal or bird. Attach supply line to cages with Stand-Offs 

Edstrom Valve Standoff

Step 4: Extend additional short length 3/16" Flex-Tubing from the bottom of the Tee Barbed Fitting down to the drinking valve.


Edstrom Flex Tube to Edstrom Valve


Step 5: Place the Drain-Vent at the end of the line for flushing purposes.


Edstrom Drain Vent

Step 6: If a Shut-Off Valve is desired, it is pushed onto the Flex-Tubing at the beginning of the line to easily turn off water for individual rows.


Edstrom Shut Off Valve


Step 7: Connect start of the Flex-Tubing to water supply. If a storage or float tank is used, it should be placed 12-36" above the top row of cages to ensure adequate water pressure.

Connect Edstrom Flex Tue to Water Supply