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Just as in the nursery, finishing hogs need plenty of clean, fresh water to get maximum weight gain. Edstrom Nipple Waterers are made to withstand harsh treatment from hogs and remain trouble-free, saving you money. Tests in several finishing houses have shown an average water savings of .5 gallons per head per day over competitive nipples! Based on a water cost* of $2.10 per 1000 gallons, yielding a $383.25 annual savings per year for a 1000 hog finishing house.

1000 hogs x .5/gal/hd/day
SAVED =500 gal/day

500 gal/day x 365 days=
182,500 gallons per year

182,500 gallons per year x $2.10/1000 gallons=
$383.25 savings per year

*water cost is based upon an independent study involving electrical cost of operating pumps to deliver water to hogs and pump waste from the lagoon.