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Caution:The Edstrom Controller and the Electric Valve/Filter Assembly operate on a low voltage of 24 Volts AC. A wall mount transformer is supplied with each Controller to supply the reduced voltage for proper operation. Do not connect the Controller or Electric Valve directly to 110V line electrical power!

Step 1: Mount Controller on wall by installing four stainless steel screws through mounting tabs on the sides of the enclosures.

Step 2: Loosen two screws at the top of enclosure door allowing the door to open and swing down.

Step 3: Pull black power cord from transformer through cord-grip fitting at bottom of the enclosure; pull through at least 12 inches of cord. Connect the two wire leads of the transformer-cord to the two screw terminals on back of door which are labeled "24 VAC".

Step 4: A single Temperature Sensor Cable comes pre-installed on the Controller. Extend Temperature Sensor to location in room which will be representative of the environment to which the pigs are exposed. The C-440S Controller allows the option of adding temperature sensors to monitor each zone independently.

Step 5: Run the low voltage electrical cable from the Controller to each of the Electric Valves to be activated.

Step 6: Pull cable for each Electric Valve into enclosure at least 12 inches. Connect the two wires from each Electric Valve cable to appropriate screw terminals.

Step 7: At Electric Valve end of cable, make connection to the two lead wires of Electric Valve with the wire nuts provided.

Step 8: After all connections have been made, tighten cord grips onto cords, and then carefully close the Controller door. Make sure that all wires are folded neatly back into enclosure box as door is raised and screwed closed.