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Part One: Distribution Line

Step 1: Mount the Electric Valve/Filter Assembly on the wall or ceiling using the two stainless steel screws provided.

Step 2: Cut the Blue Tubing to length to reach from inlet of Electric Valve/Filter Assembly to the nearest water source connection. Two Barbed Garden Hose Thread Swivel Adapter fittings are provided for inserting in each end of the tubing. Use the two hose clamps provided to clamp fittings securely in tubing.

Step 3: Connect one end of tubing to inlet fitting of Electric Valve/Filter Assembly and the other end to a water supply.

Step 4: Install the Pressure Reducer on outlet side of Electric Valve Assembly.

Step 5: Using Barbed Garden Hose Thread Swivel Adapter fitting, connect Blue Tubing Distribution Line to outlet of Pressure Reducer.

Step 6: Install Blue Distribution Tubing Line along route selected and cut to length. Support and/or anchor tubing as necessary with Loop Clamps and Screws or the Nylon Ties provided.

Step 7: If Distribution Line needs to be branched into two directions, install Barb Tee.

Step 8: At terminal end of branch of Distribution Line, install Drain Plug.

Part Two: Drip Nozzle Lines

Step 1: Use the Hand Punch to punch a hole in the Blue Tubing at each point where you want to connect a Drip Nozzle Line.

Step 2: Push barb end of the Connector into punched hole. Barb end will snap through hole and lock into position.

Step 3: Push the 5/32" Black Tubing over exposed barb end of Connector. Cut Black Tubing to length required to reach desired location of Drip Nozzle over crate.

Step 4: Use Mounting Wire to anchor Drip Nozzle in desired position over crate.