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Clean Water History Where we started

The concept of providing drinking water to animals automatically was born from creative thinking, engineering wit, and a desire to make a difference. In 1969 Bill Edstrom Sr., a mechanical engineer at an automotive company in Milwaukee and a chinchilla hobbyist, knew it was time for a change. And that’s when he invented an apparatus that would enable the automated delivery of clean, fresh water to animals living in cages. Within a year, Edstrom entered the laboratory animal market by introducing a watering system designed specifically for this industry.

By the 1980’s Edstrom was a recognized name in the laboratory animal vivarium and made the move to expand to the agricultural industry with the launch of unique watering and cooling systems for swine. The 1980’s also saw Edstrom introduce a ground-breaking environmental monitoring system for the vivarium, known as Watchdog. In the early 2000’s, Edstrom established sales and service representation in Europe to accommodate it’s growth internationally.

Today, we are known worldwide as a leader in the design and manufacture of automated animal drinking water systems as well as providing products in water purification, access control, light control, environmental monitoring, and animal and vivarium management software.
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