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Pressure Regulator, Adjustable outlet pressure range: 8 to 17psi, 3/4mpt x 1/2mpt, plastic

Price: $91.88
Item Number: 2100-PR-200HP
This Pressure Regulator accurately maintains the outlet pressure at the desired reduced pressure as required for sensitive animal watering systems; adjustable from 8 to 17 psi. It maintains the constant outlet pressure even when the water flow varies wildly up and down depending on the number of animals drinking at any particular moment. The accuracy of the unit is due it's large diameter diaphragm (few pressure reducers sold in plumbing supply stores are capable of maintaining pressure as accurately). This model is commonly used in commercial swine watering systems, with the Edstrom Trainer Nipples Waterers. It has 3/4"mpt inlet connection and 1/2"mpt outlet connection.