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Medication Injection Port Kit

Price: $32.55
Item Number: 7450-5452-550
This Injection Port Kit permits you to easily switch the water supply to your watering system from the normal water supply to an alternative water supply-medicated water. Included is valved Tee Assembly that can be installed immediately ahead of the Pressure Regulator. A 6 foot length of tubing and fittings are included to make the connection from this Tee Assembly to a tank of medicated water. Once installed, the appropriate valves on the Tee Assembly can be opened to allow either the normal water supply or the medicator water supply to flow into the Pressure Regulator and into watering system. Note: This kit includes only the plumbing fittings required to make the connections to your watering system; it does not include a tank for mixing the medicated water supply, nor does it include any medicator device.