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Electric Valve/Filter/Pressure Reducer Kit - Hi Capacity (20-30 gpm)

Price: $225.75
Item Number: 7400-8940-100
This high capacity kit is designed for use in dairy cow cooling systems where flow rates in excess of 15 gpm are needed for a particular cooling "zone". This assembly will allow flow rates between 10-32 gallons per minute. It includes a 1" - 24VAC electric valve, a 60 mesh flushable spin-down filter with 1-1/2" inlet and outlet, and a Hi-Flow 15psi Pressure Reducer. This kit also includes a 50ft roll of 2-conductor 18ga electrical wire to make the connection between the Edstrom Controller and the electric valve. In addition, this kit includes two - 1-1/2" socket unions, and all necessary fittings to make connection to 1-1/2" rigid PVC pipe supply lines.