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Edstrom C-440S Controller (120 VAC) with outputs for up to 4 Electric Valves

Price: $585.00
Item Number: 7400-8940-015
The C-440S Controller is used to regulate the showering and interval cycles in a dairy cow cooling system. It has output to control up to four 24VAC electric valves. The valves are activated in sequence to reduce water capacity demands on your system.

This easy-to-program controller can be set to operate either in Two-Stage Mode or Smart Mode. Two-Stage Mode provides traditional two-level cooling - a lower intensity cooling cycle operates when the temperature is above the low threshold. A higher intensity cooling cycle operates when the temperature is above the high threshold.

Smart Mode provides innovative, infinite-stage cooling. Interval time is automatically adjusted as the temperature changes. The interval time is the period of time when no showering occurs and the water is allowed to evaporate from the cows. As temperature increases, the interval time will decrease, thus giving animals more frequent shower cycles, to reduce heat stress. This provides exactly the right amount of cooling at any temperature while minimizing water usage.

The C-440S can monitor up to four separate temperature probes to allow accurate cooling in different zones. One temperature probe is pre-wired into the Controller at the factory. If additional probes are desired, they will need to be wired into the Controller on site.

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