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Distribution Piping

As described in the previous section, the Edstrom Drinking Valves are offered with two connection styles. The models with 3/16 inch barb connection are for use with the Flex-Tube distribution system. The valves with 1/8 inch mpt connection are used in rigid PVC pipe distribution systems. Your selection of either the Flex-Tube System or the rigid PVC pipe system will be determined by:

  1. The type of caging layout that you have and
  2. The amount of effort and degree of skill you have for installing equipment.
Option 1. Flex-Tube System
The Flex-Tube Piping System is a very easy way to install an automated watering system that mounts directly to the outside of the wire mesh cages.
Flex Tube Watering
Flex-Tube Mounting on a Cage Front

Easy to Install - no drilling or glue required.

The only tool required for installation is a scissors to cut the soft plastic tubing to length. The system is assembled by simply pushing the tubing onto the barb ends of the connector fittings and is snapped onto the cages using the special stainless steel mounting clips.

Black Tubing - prevents algae growth in water lines.

The tubing used in the Flex-Tube system is a soft, non-toxic plastic material. Because the tubing is black, it blocks light, preventing algae growth.

Flexible Layout - easily rearranged or expanded.

A complete selection of barb connector fittings is available, permitting you to assemble your Flex-Tube System in any required configuration. The system can be easily rearranged, expanded, or taken down.
Flex-Tube Automated Watering Flexible Mount
Alternate Mounting Method
Option 2. Rigid Piping System

A distribution piping system can be made using standard 1/2 inch PVC Pipe and fittings used for household plumbing systems. It is assembled by gluing the joints together.

Rigid PVC Pipe Lines withstand animal/bird abuse A distribution system constructed of PVC pipe is a very rugged system, which can withstand much animal abuse. The pipelines can be permanently mounted to the walls or directly to the sides of the cages. The system is assembled with basic do-it-yourself plastic plumbing methods: PVC pipe and fittings are glued together with special solvent cement. The PVC pipe is cut to length with a pipe or tubing cutter (do not use a saw, as this produces particles of plastic which can fall inside the pipe and eventually be carried in the water to your drinking valves and cause them to leak.)

Rigid PVC Piping System
Rigid PVC Piping System