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Typical Installation of a Shower Cooling System


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Normal recommendations are to shower the animals for a short period of time, 0.5 - 3 minutes, to soak the hide. After the shower shuts off, the water is evaporated from the cattle by fans blowing across their backs for 5.0 to 15.0 minutes, before repeating the shower cycle.

Common locations for installing a shower cooling system are in the Holding Pen area, where cows are crowded together tightly, and in the Feed Line area. There are several steps to follow when designing a system layout.

1. Location for the Soaker Nozzles

The soaker nozzles should not be installed where they will spray into the feed line or a stall area. They need to be located high enough to be protected from animals or equipment, but below the bottom of ventilation fans. In the holding pen area, full-circle (360°) nozzles are recommended, and should be located to obtain 100% coverage of the area to be sprayed. At the feed line, 1/2-circle (135° to180°) nozzles can be mounted along the top of the lock-ups or neck rail and directed to spray out over the backs of the cows. The best control of the water along a feed bunk can be achieved by mounting the nozzles at a height just above the cows’ backs. Space the nozzles every 6 to 8 feet along the feed line. Note: The distribution line may need to be protected by angle iron or some other means if it is mounted in this lower position.
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2. Plumbing Arrangement

The plumbing arrangement will depend on the quantity and type of nozzles being installed, as well as the water flow capacity of your facility. Multiply the number of nozzles by the nozzles’ rated capacity to obtain the total water flow-rate required for the facility.

3. Location for the Controller

The Edstrom C-440S Controller should be located where it will be easy for the operator to view and make program adjustments. The Controller and electric valves operate on 24VAC low voltage. An 110VAC step-down transformer is included with the Controller, which plugs into a standard 110VAC outlet. An optional 240VAC step-down transformer is also available. This allows you to choose the system that will best fit your operation. A 50 foot roll of low-voltage wire is supplied with each electric valve to make the electrical connection of the electric valve to the Controller. For holding pens or smaller freestall barns, Edstrom makes the C-110S Controller. The C-110S has all of the same features of the C-440S, except that it controls only a single solenoid valve.

4. Fan Usage (optional)

There should be a continuous flow of air over the backs of the cattle any time the cooling system is in operation. This causes the water to evaporate, taking the heat away from the cattle in the process. (Fans should be controlled separately from the cooling system, and could be set to operate continuously above a temperature of 70°F.) An air velocity of 400 to 600 feet per minute over the cows’ backs is recommended. A 36-inch fan providing 11,000 cfm will move air effectively for 20 to 30 feet, and a 48-inch fan will move air up to 40 feet. Fans should be placed as low as possible, while still allowing clearance for cows and equipment. The fans should be angled downward approximately 30° (aim toward the floor beneath the next fan in line).

Note: Soaker nozzles should be mounted below the fans so water is directed down onto the cows.




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