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We specialize in automated watering and cooling equipment for livestock, small animals, and birds. Our products for cattle, swine, dogs, rabbits, birds, and rodents will make your operation more productive and efficient - saving you time and money! Ordering from is easy, convenient, and safe. We accept major credit cards - Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours. Learn more about Cool Sense motion cooling and our cattle cooling systems......
Cool SenseEdstrom, the manufacturer of easy-to-use controllers for feed lines and holding pens, introduces Cool Sense™, a fully-automated cooling system for use in any cow traffic lane. Cool Sense™ is temperature and motion activated to provide a cool shower to cows as they pass through. Cool Sense™ is the final piece of the cooling puzzle, and allows you to keep your cows cool and comfortable at all times in your dairy facility. It is ideal for use in exit lanes, breezeway alleys, robotic barns or outside a doorway to an exercise lot or outside feed bunk. A cow will activate the system if the air temperature is above your specified set point. Look in the Cattle Cooling section for more information on the new Cool Sense™ products.

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